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The mission of Pathway is:  To establish and assume the role of an advocate for the community in order to strengthen the community's capabilities to bring about significant changes in the bureaucratic structure with maximum feasible participation of the poor and low-income. 


Our History

Pathway is the designated Community Action Agency for Lucas County. Founded as EOPA in 1964, Pathway has been addressing the broad objective of self-sufficiency for low to moderate income people; to create programs that empower, mentor, and provide supportive services. Pathway has historically adopted programs in order to assist in achieving self-sufficiency. Pathway has always envisioned that economic emancipation is the greatest path to eradicate poverty. The programs that we provide have given Pathway a one-stop atmosphere in serving our customers. Our current priorities are to strengthen the programs that truly embrace the original mission of Community Action Agencies, which is to alleviate poverty.

Pathway has long established partnerships in Lucas County with the belief that partnering provides the community customer's a one-stop delivery system in which an individual can receive a vast array of information, services, and referrals.

To Qualify

Each program has its own income eligibility. For more information, please contact us and a Program Representative will be more than happy to explain eligibility requirements.

News Item

The Pathway Board of Directors is looking for a current or former Home Energy Assistance Program customer to become a new member of the Board. Please look under News and Events for the application.











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