Pathway, Inc., is accepting Home Relief Fund/Emergency Services Program for rental, mortgage and water assistance.
Please contact the agency’s Emergency and Empowerment Services Program at 419-242-3521 if you should need further assistance.

Our Passion

To reduce poverty by providing comprehensive services that create pathways to self-sufficiency.

To reduce poverty by inspiring hope and delivering services to those who seek self-sufficiency.

Service – Serving our clients and the community with dignity and respect while delivering exceptional service.
Partnership – Working in collaboration with customers, community partners, and funders toward achieving our mission.
Stewardship – Managing resources responsibly and with integrity to ensure accountability and sustainability.
Hope – Knowing we can make a difference.

Paying Back

Meet Mr. Charles King

Charles began working with Brothers United. Working with them has changed his stance on not only fatherhood, but on manhood as well.

“I look back and remember watching New Jack City. That sparked in me this idea that I owe back. I owe churches, I owe my mom, I owe Malcom. Now that’s my approach to life. So when I got a job at BU, that’s how I felt like I was paying back what I owed. By sharing my story. If 20 of them are in the streets doing illegal stuff, maybe only 2 or 3 of them catch it, but that’s still something. It’s an opportunity to pay back what I owe. And in my mind, that’s a lifelong debt.” 

Empowering fathers to have stronger, healthier relationships with their families.

Brothers United supports men in their most important role – fatherhood. We help dads have a positive influence on their children’s lives by providing them with mentoring, financial guidance, and assistance finding a steady job.

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We’re Paving the Way to
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Help us make a difference where it’s needed most.

  • 27.7%

    of Toledo is living below the poverty line

  • 43.1%

    of families with children under 5 were deemed poor

  • 50%

    of children are living on public assistance

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There are so many ways to help.

  • Pickup and transport food

  • Conduct intake interviews

  • Pass out flyers

  • Drive the clients to appointments

And every bit counts.

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