The EnVision Center Designation

Pathway Inc. was officially designated an EnVision Center by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development in July of 2020, becoming the fifth center in the state to carry the designation created as part of a federal initiative aimed at connecting vulnerable families to services that build “self-sufficiency.”

The Envision Center Demonstation

The EnVision Center Demonstration supports the delivery of integrated services from philanthropic organizations, private industry, and all levels of government thereby increasing the opportunity for low-income families to achieve self-sufficiency.
The Demonstration supports and develops “one-stop” or “single-site” service centers. The differentiating factor that makes EnVision Centers uniquely effective is the deliberate effort at the federal level to coordinate delivery of mutually reinforcing self-sufficiency and economic development programs.

The EnVision Center Four Pillars of Self-Sufficiency

Each Demonstration Site organizes services and programs in a model called the Four Pillars of Self- Sufficiency:
▰ Economic Empowerment
▰ Educational Advancement
▰ Health and Wellness and
▰ Character and Leadership
Programs from across the federal government can be categorized under the Four Pillars and when delivered in an integrated way create synergy that can improve individual outcomes as well as enhance program efficiency and effectiveness.

Envision Center Benefits the Community

  • Collaborations made possible under this demonstration through results-driven partnerships with federal, state and local governments, community based organizations, non-profit mission based organizations, faith-based organizations, private corporations, public housing authorities (PHAs), tribal designated housing entities (TDHEs) and housing finance agencies.
  • EnVision Centers will leverage public and private resources for the benefit of individuals and families living in low-income and HUD-assisted housing that will develop economic self- sufficiency and, ultimately, greater economic mobility for those most in need within these communities.
  • HUD will provide technical assistance, evaluation and monitoring, access to online resources, access to stakeholder offerings made available to participating communities
  • A network of support from HUD’s departments to ensure that all relevant HUD knowledge resources are made available to participating communities

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