Brothers United

Pathway Inc. Brothers United program is a new Fatherhood program to Lucas County. This program is funded through The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood.

  • Low income any Lucas County Father: Biological, Custodial, Adoptive, Foster, Legal, Step, Grandfather or Male Family Member
  • Recently released from imprisonment
  • Children must be 18 years and younger
  • Young men ages 12-17 years of age who are NOT Fathers

Help with:

Child Support including:
  • Paternity Establishment
  • Administrative Review
  • Adjustment and Waiver
  • Reduction Of Permanently Assigned Arrears (ROPPA)
  • Access and Visitation
  • Parenting Time Orders
  • Co-parenting and Relationship Skills

Workshop Sessions and Program Incentives:

  • 2-week cohort style program –virtually and in-person using evidenced based curriculum in Fatherhood and Healthy Relationships.
  • Optional (6 hours) soft work skills training
  • Responsible parenting, healthy relationships and economic stability evidence-based curriculum
  • Individuals cannot be excluded from series based on gender, race, age, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or religion.
Contact Brothers United

Contact Brothers United

Kelly Buchanan
at or (419) 304-0924

Pathway Inc. Brothers United Fatherhood Program believes that children are important. Every day, we support and advocate for Fathers because when children have involved Fathers, the whole community thrives.

“Pathway, Inc.’s Brothers United Fatherhood Program is supported by the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood.”